Making a PM type game.
Project closed after the fail of the crowdfunding.
The video presenting the game project can be found here :

Actual state : Closed.
Confessions d'un autre monde
After stopping the game project, I chose to rewrite the story created for the game as a novel, but only for myself this time.

Actual state :
Book 1 can be download here for free :

For helping/thanks me for the first book and next one:

   Making a new PM Fan Art for New Year.
Done! Discover the new fan art here:

Actual gallery :
   Making a copy of the PM3 Musasiya figurine at 1/3 scale.
Using last technologies of 3D printing and photogrammetry to create a bigger minature to be assembled and painted.
3D model will not be provided to anyone, except Yonago Gainax.

Actual state : Process : 80% - Scanning : 100% - Cleaning : 5% - 3D Printable parts : 2%
What's going on for Princess Maker Collection?