The collection, the origin, a passion from coincidences...

2017 was a bad year for me, urgent hospitalisation and long one, consequence of a blood cancer and cured by chemotherapy. Sterilising treatment, I was 28 years old without kids. Somewhat demoralizing...

   Then important date : october 26th  2017. A video from the "Bazar du grenier", just in the middle of my cure, happy fate.
   And another happy fate, on Steam there was a pack Princess Maker 1+2+3 with special offer. No hesitation and I spent a lot of evenings at the hospital playing this three games.
   Then finally coming back home at the end of cure, I started to buy the original Princess Maker 3 game, which is still my favorite, and framed it. After that, the illustration book of this game, and it is how the collection started.

   Today, with the help from n.takane in Japan, the collection will continue to grow with items hard to find in Europe.
Please take a look to his ebay shop :
                                  A website made by a fan, to all Princess Maker Fans.
With the collection growing up, I wanted to share with you all. If there are mistakes, or things to add (and I think there are), send me a message.
   I hope you will appreciate the time passed in this virtual museum, which will be improved with time.


                         At the beginning...

Princess Maker Collection The Origin
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Last update : 30/04/2021 - New website on the way.
The website is still alive. I just don't have the space and time to make photos of new items.