Princess Serenade

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In 2005, eight years after the release of Faery Tales Come True, Princess Maker 4 is released for PS2, then for PSP and PC in 2006. The DS Version has more endings and extras. It is the last game which is not back on Steam (two publishers GeneX-Gainax), but I really want to play it because it seems very Kawaii. (And Kawaii is life!) 


You can see it quickly, graphic art design of Princess Maker 4 is completely different compare to the others. Takami Akai, creator and illustrator of the game series, was only supervisor on it (health problems). The game developed by GeneX use illustrations from Tenhiro Naoto, illustrator of Sister Princess series, but keep a gameplay similar to Princess Maker 2.
But a big work has be done by Takami Akai on illustrations before his health problems. Some illustrations have been used for Princess Maker 5 and Princess Maker Q.

"The story begins when the player, a soldier, falls in love with a mysterious woman. However, she disappears, only to be found by him a few years later. She hands him the child, whose default name is Patricia, along with Cube the butler, and so his quest to fatherhood begins." Wikipedia EN

Princess Maker 4

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